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Credit Application

Please enter the amount of credit your company is requesting. Please note that this credit request is subject to approval by Simply Cargo. Credit will be offered on a strictly discretionary basis and can be withdrawn any time, without notice, making all monies owed becoming due for immediate payment.
Note that strictly no credit will be extended on duty or VAT invoices and interest on late payments will be subject to interest and penalties.


Acceptance of terms and conditions

The Company hereby confirm our receipt and acceptance of Simply Cargo Wholesale Limited's current terms and conditions, which are the BIFA Trading Terms and Conditions (current edition). Additional copies of which can be found on BIFA's website.

Appointment of Simply Cargo Wholesale Limited as a Direct Customs Agent

We "The Company" declare that: Simply Cargo Wholesale Limited are appointed to act on behalf of us , The Company, in the capacity of a Direct Customs Agent in accordance with clause 21.1(a) of the Taxation (Cross Border) Trade Act 2018 (TCTA 2018). Note: In accordance with Customs Code, a Direct Representative acts in the name of and on behalf of another person. In relation to import/export declaration, the importer/exporter will be liable for any customs debt arising from the declaration.


By agreeing to this agreement, The Company and Simply Cargo Wholesale Limited agree to be bound by the terms and conditions detailed in this form.